Meals & Snacks

Meals & Snacks

Sequoia’s Treehouse offers breakfast and 3 additional snacks each day – breakfast, mid-morning snack, mid-afternoon snack, and late afternoon snack. Lunch is brought from home. At breakfast and afternoon snack we provide organic whole milk to all our children unless parents request otherwise. Water is available at all times throughout the day.

Our daily meal and snacks provide a balance of fruit, veggies, protein, and carbs.  We strive to provide healthy, tasty, organic foods many of our children will enjoy. 

Please see the attached weekly menu for the most current week:

Menu 10-30-17  (click to view)


Sequoia’s Treehouse will provide cow’s milk. Parents provide breast milk or formula and any additional food. Once children begin eating solid foods, parents will be asked to look over a monthly menu and mark off which snacks children are allowed to eat. All foods must be tried at home first before being served at Sequoia’s Treehouse.  Please keep your Teachers up-to-date with your child’s eating patterns as we want to compliment how, when, and what you are feeding at home.


Sequoia’s Treehouse will provide healthy morning and afternoon snacks and milk each day. Lunch is brought from home. Parents are asked to provide for special dietary needs.